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Jodee O'Brien
Founder & CEO

My career started in the nonprofit world in 1987 and throughout the years I have had the privilege of working with national, regional, and local nonprofits. I have also worked with for profit businesses from International to local as well. My experience has helped me develop a deep understanding of to envision a larger scope of how our economy is intertwined with businesses, social services, and people. I bring a unique perspective to our work offering proficiencies in transitional change,communication, marketing, and visionary leadership.


I am passionate about finding innovative ways to grow our communities and help families and businesses thrive. My parents were small business owners and I learned early on the value of work and commitment to what you believe in. Watching them grow their business is what gives me the drive to want everyone to see the success I watched my parents develop.


I am looking forward to joining the firm and providing that leadership and strategic advice that as a seasoned visionary who has been a proven turnaround leader.


Maybe the best way to share my passions are to tell you what makes my heart sing (a question asked in a leadership workshop). Connection, Community, Authenticity and Nature. The key to any successful business is knowing your Why and being able to share that why and develop it into the how to become profitable and grow your business. My frame of reference allows me to assist you to develop your why or maybe it’s reminding you of what your why is.


My belief is that everything that happens to us is an opportunity, even those that are painful.


I look forward to meeting with you and learning more about you, your why and what makes your heart sing.

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